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Portable Recorder

Sony MZ-R90
Sony MZ-R91Portable MiniDisc Recorder/Player
Intro: 10/1999R90: ¥46,000
R91: ¥44,000
in: optical/line, microphone
out: line/headphoneR90: 78.9x17.3x72mm, 105g, 148g w/batt & disc
R91: 78.9x18.0x72mm, 110g, 153g w/batt & disc

Features: "Jacket Size" MD Walkmans, world's smallest size and weight for a recording portable (as of Aug 24 1999), longest recording and playback times (as of Aug 24 1999), smaller size achieved through redesign of the optical pickup mechanism (MZ-R90/91's pickup is 50% smaller in frontal area than that of previous model MZ-R55), "One Touch Eject" feature, "Name Bank" function (allows you to store up to 600 characters worth of commonly used words in the unit for easy MD titling), "Smart Stick Controller" with titling and editing functions, "Joint Text" feature records the titles from a CD while recording (not achievable with all CD players), digital recording level control, 40 second shock memory, Synchro Recording from digital source. Headphone and line out are combined into a single plug (switchable between the two functions with a jog lever). No microphone sensitivity setting. MZ-R90 only uses high stiffness magnesium alloy for top of case.

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