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Portable Recorder

portable recorder
Intro: 10/1996msrp: ¥48,000, street: ¥34,800
in: op tical/line, mic. out: line, hdphn (5mW+5mW). 6V ext. pwr116.5 x 26 x 78mm, 220g w/o bat, 317g pocket weight (w/battery, disc, headphones, remote).

Features: ATRAC 4. New style "vertical" jog dial for easy character input, track editing and song selection. Sampling rate converter. True synchro start and synchro pause. Position pointer graphically displays position on disk. Mic high/low sensitivity switch, synchro rec on/off switch. Stereo/mono recording. Manual/AGC recording level. Level meter has hysteresis, showing signal peaks. The included remote does not include an LCD, but the remote for the MZ-R4ST does and can be used with this unit. The Sony part number is RM-MZR4MP and costs about $50. The MZ-E30 remote also has an LCD and will work with this unit. Optional car mount kit includes mounting plate that attaches to screw hole at rear of MZ-R30, the mounting plate then snaps in and out of a base mount that one attaches to the car's interior with the included velcro strap.

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