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MDLP business recorder

Intro: 10/2001        

Price: $284.99, ¥35,800

Connectors: IN: microphone, optical/analog line in OUT: headphones

 Dimensions: 81.2 x 108 x 25.7 mm, 180g (160g body only)

Play: Speaker: 25.5/30/27/30 hr Headphones: Add ~10hr

Record: 9/12/12.5/15 hr

Features: MD recorder intended for business use (dictation, recording meetings). Internal stereo flat microphone and monaural front speaker. Voice-Operated Recording function automatically starts recording when it senses sound, and stops recording when the sound stops. MDLP compatible, Group mode functions. Easy Search function allows skipping ahead or back one minute per button press. Two types of track marker let you indicate the importance of recorded events. Jog dial for easy speed control and editing, Large LCD with 3 lines of display, Playback speed control function (+10% to -20%). Click alert indicates disc is out of space. Operating instructions: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Spanish.

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