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portable MD recorder

Intro: 8/2001

Connectors: IN: microphone, analog, optical
OUT: headphones, line out

Dimensions: 80.0W x 75.5H x 20.5D mm, 110g (137g w/batt)


  • Updated and improved version of the MZ-R900.

  • ATRAC Type R

  • Group function

  • 3 line 9 character LCD

  • Speed-sensitive jog-dial (fully rotatable).

  • Combined headphone and line out jacks (use the unit's menu system to switch between the two different modes).

  • LCD on remote (remote is RM-MC11EL, same one as used on the MZ-R900).

  • Selectable microphone sensitivity (HIGH/LOW).

  • Available in silver, blue, and red.

Specs: 5mW + 5mW headphones output, 100VAC.

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