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High Definition silver chromed Cassette Walkman 1993

Body dimensions (WxHxD):

108.7 × 77.5 × 20.3 mm

Weight (with battery):



Rechargeable battery supplied with gum type (NH-9WM)

× 1 AA battery

Power line (AC adapter AC-E15L sold separately)

Car Battery (DCC-E115L sold separately)

Battery life:

4.0 hours manganese batteries, alkaline batteries 9 hours (AA batteries)

Rechargeable battery for 6 hours, 19 hours + alkaline rechargeable battery combination

Maximum output power:

5mw +5 mw headphone output

Noise Reduction:


Circuit with EX DBB

Switch equipped with comfortable volume (AVLS)

Headphone Accessories:

Headphone sound leakage reduction (Haigure)

Gadomeka · AMS News feature, sound, swaying side / B side A

With auto tape selector Auto Reverse Blank Skip

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